Every Country Has Mall Rats


Dinner was at the shopping center attached to the hotel. WOW! Sensory overload. I’m no stranger to malls, but that doesn’t mean I like them. I’ve served my time as manager in a couple of mall stores, however, I am not a shopper. I am not your typical girly girl. If I am required to go to a mall then I need a plan. I need a route to getting what I need and getting out as fast as possible. I am girly in other ways.
So, this place, a shopping metropolis really, is four floors of chaos. All I want is dinner, but I’m not so hungry yet that will take the first place I see. No, I need to explore a bit, torture myself for a little while. Each floor has dozens of options. Oh, the noise.
Many places have lines of people waiting and while I know this a sign of good food, it’s not what I’m in the mood for right now. Floor three…
Now, my head is spinning. A pizza and pasta place! Ok, I can do that. It was quite good and I wasn’t expecting restaurant type service. You are seated, served, waited on. It’s not a food court experience at all.
I’m feeling much better now that I’ve got some food in me. I think I saw a chocolate desserty restaurant somewhere back there…


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