Splish! Splash! I Was Taking A Bath


When I think of a bucket shower, I think of something a bit different. I envision an outdoor area with a wooden bucket sitting above you attached to a rope that one pulls to tip the bucket over on top of you. That’s not unreasonable, right? What we have is a bucket shower. There are two rubber containers filled with water and a bowl floating on top to be used to dump over yourself. It’s not glorious. You see a toilet…pro. There’s no flush technology…con. When you ‘shower’ there’s a large amount of space. It’s a fairly large room…pro. Everything gets damp/wet if it’s in that room…con. Maybe that last one will change once I get the hang of ‘showering’ this way. (I don’t know why I am using quotation marks around ‘shower’. It just seems like an impostor. Like its not the real thing.) At this point I am grateful that there’s a separate room (albeit in the back yard) that can be called a bathroom. It could be, and I’ve had it, a lot worse.



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