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What Time Does The Cock Crow? 3:30am… Ugh


I fed one of the babies today. This little guy was taken from his mother when he was about a year old. Babies will stay on mother’s milk for about three years. As a result he is malnourished. The owner can’t care for him properly and has agreed to let the Surin Project give him free food and care. He gets four bottles of rice mush with milk powder every morning. Have you ever seen anything so adorable?!

It was a quick trip out to the sugar cane field to cut today’s food for the elephants. The mahouts came with us and brought their machetes. We let them cut the sugar cane…they seemed to know what they were doing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Within minutes they had cut enough food to fill the truck. That’s where we came in. Load the truck.
Today is a long day for the elephants off their chains. We do a 5-6 mile walk with the elephants that ends in a swim… for everybody. This was incredible. The elephants LOVE the water and when we go in with them we can bath them. Basically, we give the elephants a good scrub with our hands. An elephant massage, really. After the long walk we were all enjoying the river.20120411-205834.jpg

Finally, before dinner we hit the local market. They sell EVERYTHING! From fruit and vegetables to donuts and pig’s heads, clothes to tools. Feeling a bit parched, I ordered a soda. It was given to me in a bag with a straw. Not the can or bottle in a bag, mind you. No. The gentleman opened the bottle and poured it over ice into the bag and put a straw in it. I browsed around, not looking for anything in particular as I sipped my bag of soda.

Hey, It Could Happen…


I had always wondered how difficult it really is to travel with a child. Is it easier with an infant compared to a toddler? I ask this, not because there’s a screaming baby on the plane. There isn’t. In fact I don’t see any children at all. It was always something I wondered and given my pension for travel, if I had children I wouldn’t want that to be a hindrance. I had heard that traveling with children isn’t THAT difficult, but I’m just not sure. Can they be conditioned? Obviously, I have no children or wouldn’t be so naive. Is it a state of mind? A ‘what are you willing to tolerate’ kind of thing? Or is it a skill? If I decided to have a child (I think I just heard a few people that I know choke) I wouldn’t want to give up the passion I have for travel. Can the two coexist peacefully, and be fulfilling?
We are approaching London and as I look out the window at the little streets and bridges with the tiny red buses and even tinier cars I am reminded of the Richard Scary books I loved so much when I was young. What child wouldn’t love the world version of that?