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This Post Brought To You By The Color Orange


One of my favorite things I encountered in Thailand was the color that I will call ‘Monk Orange’. I am not a fan of the color orange in general. I typical do not wear it. It’s not a color I have decorated with in my home. It does exist in my garden, however.

IMG_0734 Thailand Bangkok Wat Pho a

I understand that monks are revered in Buddhist cultures and a high level of respect is due to them. I accept this. They have devoted their lives to the teachings of the Buddha and the enlightened path. This warrants respect, as far as I’m concerned. For this reason, I would try not to show disrespect by staring, gawking, or any other actions that would ultimately have made me out to look foolish. But, that orange… What an attention grabber! I think I probably need to give a little background into my personal life. I have a clothing design degree. I appreciate fabrics, textures, color. Just looking at the way the monks wrap the garments is fascinating to me. The way it drapes is beautiful. I’m sure they have no idea what it is I’m staring at and God forbid (pun intended) that I can’t control myself and attempt to touch the fabric, something I do everywhere I go.  It’s habit, instinctual for me to reach out and want to experience the hand of a fabric. (I did NOT do this to any monk.  Just want to clear that up.)

IMG_0736 Thailand Bangkok Wat Pho copy a    IMG_0367 Thailand Chiang Mai Wat Chedi Luang a copy     IMG_0369 Thailand Chiang Mai Wat Chedi Luang a copy

Everyplace I visit I tend to bring something back, a decorating idea, a design concept, not necessarily things. Morocco has inspired a stenciled/tiled back stairway with a large punched metal hanging lamp. I’ve been slowly recreating Italy on my patio with my grape arbor and container figs, olives, and Meyer lemon. I’m not really sure what Thailand’s contribution will be in my home, but I have a feeling this color will show up somewhere.

IMG_0338 Thailand Chiang Mai Wat Chiang Man a copy