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Hey, It Could Happen…


I had always wondered how difficult it really is to travel with a child. Is it easier with an infant compared to a toddler? I ask this, not because there’s a screaming baby on the plane. There isn’t. In fact I don’t see any children at all. It was always something I wondered and given my pension for travel, if I had children I wouldn’t want that to be a hindrance. I had heard that traveling with children isn’t THAT difficult, but I’m just not sure. Can they be conditioned? Obviously, I have no children or wouldn’t be so naive. Is it a state of mind? A ‘what are you willing to tolerate’ kind of thing? Or is it a skill? If I decided to have a child (I think I just heard a few people that I know choke) I wouldn’t want to give up the passion I have for travel. Can the two coexist peacefully, and be fulfilling?
We are approaching London and as I look out the window at the little streets and bridges with the tiny red buses and even tinier cars I am reminded of the Richard Scary books I loved so much when I was young. What child wouldn’t love the world version of that?