What Could Keep You From Making That Flight?


Do you ever wonder why there are people that need to be paged repeatedly right up until the gate closes and the plane leaves? Where are they? I’m no stranger to air travel. I’ve done quite a bit of it, but I’m not so blasé about it to blow off a flight. There has to be something huge going on for me not to make a scheduled flight. This starts my imagination going. What could have happened to this person? If it was just a missed connection the airline would know from passenger lists and bookings, right? It IS early. Did they oversleep? That would suck. For me, travel is a big deal and oversleeping just wouldn’t happen. One needs to be asleep for that to occur. The mind jumps from that to some kind of tragedy. How unfortunate! Or maybe they are being detained by Homeland Security. What have they done? Curiouser and curiouser. My devious thoughts are interrupted by the attendant over the loud speaker. “Final boarding call for Peter McBride. Final boarding call. We love you, but we WILL leave you.” The overhead music returns to Huey Lewis and life goes on.


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  1. So true Jen we never know what people are thinking! Dad worked for TWA so we were constant travellers (travel with Abdou lol !! ). I can’t overpack, ready when rolled out of bed, always early for flights.The hardest thing for me was waiting. Later, I travelled with friends. Holy Crap!?! So many bags and no one with good directions. The lost passport (she left it at baggage check…found it there after 1/2hr frantically searching), people with credit cards & phones that don’t work outside the US, shop-a-holics still shopping even when our names were paged for the flight! The Internat’l liason (?) dude yelling at us for being late, having too much alcohol (gifts of course) & saying if we don’t run, we’ll miss the flight. The last flight, almost home…I have to do the OJ…sprint 9 gates w/my carry on & in flip flops. I am awesome. Well except for lying about “my friend is sick in the bathroom, please don’t close the door?”. My family travelled ‘space available’ so we were always last to board & boy oh boy have we heard them all. Safe travels 🙂 & have fun!!!

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