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“I Shall Need To Sleep Three Weeks On End To Get Rested From The Rest I’ve Had” ~Thomas Mann


“Jet lag?? Oh, no, I don’t get that. I’m just tired.” Ummm, forgive my ignorance, but isn’t that jet lag?? Thankfully, I’ve never said this. I was surprised I acclimated so quickly after arriving in Thailand, but I was warned. It’s the return that’s the killer. I think I understand this. Technically, it’s the same situation as the return, so really it should have the same effect, but it doesn’t. I know they say it has to do with the direction of travel, but I have a different theory. My assumption is there’s a psychological aspect to it. (I’m not a doctor, nor do I typically play one on tv or otherwise. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.) There’s an adrenaline rush that pushes through you when you are away, exploring someplace new. No time to be tired. There’s so much excitement. But coming home… Now, that’s a different story. Very little excitement there, nothing new anyway. Certainly, nothing that can give the adrenalin rush of a new destination.
I can say that I’ve never had jet lag, but I’ve also never traveled so far away before. I enjoy a good afternoon nap… Who doesn’t? But at two pm when my head is bobbing like my neck is rubber and I can’t keep my eyes open, I’m thinking this isn’t normal. Sleeping fifteen hours with one waking interruption… Not normal. So, I give in to it. I have to. But, I’m wondering if I’m making it worse. Should I push through it and force myself to stay awake until ‘bedtime’? It’s just not possible. I take the melatonin that people have suggested, but falling asleep is not the problem. That, I think I’ve explained, comes pretty easily. So, what should I do? I think I’ll take a nap and contemplate the dilemma.

T Minus Ten


Well, I am packed, so technically I could get on the plane without issue. I am physically ready. Emotionally and psychologically, however, not so much.  This is the longest trip I’ve taken since I back-packed in Europe over twenty years ago. (I’m a forty-something. Shocking, I know. I have a hard time believing it, too.) I always get worked up before a trip, but this has put me in a different state. It’s the going alone part. It’s not that I’m concerned for my safety. It’s that I really like the companionship of a travel partner. Someone to commiserate with about the long flight, relax and chat over coffee about the museum we just visited, experience and share each other’s entrée choices at a restaurant. I’m already feeling that I miss that and I haven’t even left yet. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m missing someone very special due to the unfortunate timing of a ten day business trip. I’m in that ‘place’ to start off.

I’ve been trying to calm myself down and chill a bit as the last few things on the list get scratched off. Yesterday, I went out to dinner at Artu in the North End with a great friend, who also happens to be the travel agent responsible for booking the touring part of this trip. I highly recommend contacting him for your travel plans – Tony at Longwood Travel. (I can see him rolling his eyes at me already). I wouldn’t go to anyone else. Muuaah! So to continue my relaxation techniques I thought I would listen to my favorite garden show (Paul Parent Garden Club) on podcast while I did my errands. Let’s be honest here. What could make you more numb than listening to a guy talk about a four step program for your lawn? I am an avid gardener and even I was struggling to stay conscious! A lesser enthusiast would have contemplated cutting just to feel something through the boredom. So, here it is, 10 hours before my flight. I’ve got a little organizing to do, but I’m there, as ready as I’m going to be. And, I don’t think it’s a secret to anyone that I won’t be sleeping tonight….

Glinda, Where Are You?


Its almost time. I leave Monday morning, but I might as well be counting the hours I have left. Those hours are packed with things I still have to do. I get increasingly stressed about getting everything done and my body’s reaction is to take a nap. It’s slowly shutting down as if it’s trying to tell me ‘you’ll get so much more done if you’re rested.’ LIES! So, in addition to accomplishing the ever expanding to-do list, I have to fight the feeling that I’ve entered a field of poppies (poppies…poppies).
I would say that there just aren’t enough hours in the day, and maybe that’s true, but really what it comes down to is.. I procrastinate. I’ve always wanted to be one of those ‘How does she do it all’ types. Maybe to some I actually am, but when the clock is ticking I certainly don’t feel that I am. I get visions of the Wicked Witch in her crystal ball, ‘Sleep, my pretty, sleeeep’. Meanwhile, I’m struggling with ‘what food in the refrigerator should I get rid of?’, ‘what do I need for the return. I mean, I’m certainly not going to want to cook.’, ‘I need to go to the grocery store.’ The hourglass turns… Sleep… “I have sooo much paperwork to do.” “Oh, I wanted to pack that, but it’s dirty. I need to do another load of laundry.”… Sleeeep…